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Welcome to our Video and Tips page, here you can watch videos on getting the most out your PVC Windows & Doors, from repairs and maintenance, Product Reviews, Installation advice and guidance.

How to replace a PVC Window handle

An Easy Step by step guide on how to replace a PVC Window Handle.

1.Remove Cover Cap 2.Lift Handle 3.Remove Bottom screw 4.Remove top screw 5.Remove new handle from packaging 6.Fit new handle in reverse manner.


How to remove and replace a PVC Door Barrel

Camel Trade gives a step by step guide on How to change a PVC Door Barrel.

1.Remove machine screw 2.Turn key off vertical 3.Pull barrel through door 4.Re-fit in reverse


How to perform a Toe and Heel Adjustment on a Dropped PVC Door

To adjust a dropped Door
1.Remove beading
2.With a Glazing shovel lever door sash upwards
3.Insert as many packers as required.
4.Re-fit the beading.


How to Adjust a hinge for a Dropped PVC Door 

Hinge adjustment on a Dropped Door.
1.Insert flat screwdriver on to plastic tab.
2.Firmly tap inward to release cover plate.
3.With an allen key adjust bolt to move hinge plate over to position door sash correctly.
4.Snap back cover plate into position.

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